Wedding Registry

2017 Listing:

Averi Davis & Dillon Everett December 16, 2017
Sarah Grace Harris & Jeffery Carswell December 16, 2017
Emily Harris & Patrick Norris January, 13 2018
Emily Horner & Damon Harris February 10, 2018
Lauren McDavid & Teddy Burns March 10, 2018
Katie Corcoran & Austin Brannen March 31, 2018
Beverly Evans & Ben Curtis April 14, 2018
Kaylee Sanders & Micah Lacey April 14, 2018
Brandi Lewis & Joshua Jones April 28, 2018
Caitlin Dominy & Coty Colston May 26, 2018

Geo.’s Quarters offers an extensive and unique Wedding Registry service. First, the bride & groom make selections from many leading tabletop and gift designers. The selections are noted on a registry form which lists their quantity needed and received, and the retail price of each product. The registry is displayed in-store and available through e-mail via a pdf file. A sales associate will use the couple’s current registry to assist customers in making purchases for the happy couple. The customer is checked out and the registry is updated with the purchased item(s). After checkout, the gift is taken to our gift wrap area and noted with specific instructions for handling, whether it be picked up as a wedding gift, shower gift, or a shower-tea gift. The gifts are then boxed or wrapped for the appropriate occasion and held for pick up by the bride and groom or by the person responsible for showers. If you have any questions regarding our wedding registry, call or e-mail us and we will be glad to assist you.

If you would like to receive a copy of any registry, e-mail a request with the bride’s and/or couple’s name and we will send you an updated copy of their selections. During the month of September 2016 if you do not get a quick response please call the store at 478-553-9400.